Gen 3 Magby (NU Analysis)


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High offense teams work the best when they give as little wiggle room to the opponent to set up and bring momentum to their side. Magby can lead these teams on the right foot by preventing Glalie, Roselia, and Cacturne from setting Spikes and dealing a high amount of damage to almost every other common lead. Featuring nearly perfect coverage, high Speed, and a decent Special Attack stat, Magby has all the tools it needs to be an offensive threat. Unfortunately, Magby's frailty is a major letdown, meaning it will likely only get one shot off before going down, so make it count.

name: Anti-Lead
move 1: Fire Blast
move 2: Thunder Punch
move 3: Hidden Power Water
move 4: Endure / Psychic
item: Petaya Berry / Lum Berry
ability: Flame Body
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

- Magby has stellar coverage and that is presented here to the fullest
- Fire Blast is needed to ensure the OHKO on offensive Glalie and deal as much as possible to everything else
- Thunder Punch and HP Water pair very well with Fire Blast and cover the Water-, Rock-, and Fire-types that resist it
- The last slot goes to either Endure to try and activate Petaya Berry, which boosts Magby's power to a considerable level
- Psychic can be used instead to get a decent hit on Hitmonchan but has little use outside that

- Max Speed Timid is needed to outpace Glalie which is the major reason you're considering Magby in the first place over something like Charmeleon or Flareon
- Petaya Berry can make Magby pretty strong but Lum Berry can ensure Magby wins the one-on-one with Venomoth
- Magby needs to be used on a high offense team and should really only be considered the lead slot, if you need an offensive Fire-type outside the lead slot use Flareon
- Don't switch out with Magby unless necessary, it should only really be used to deal immediate damage and prevent Spikes

[Other Options]
- Hidden Power Grass
- Cross Chop / Focus Punch
- Thief, Toxic

[Checks and Counters]
- Lead Vigoroth, Flareon, and Sudowoodo will easily win the one-on-one in the lead slot, but will be maimed
- Bulky Water-types, Whiscash, Dewgong
- Relicanth
- Anything faster to revenge kill, Magby is super frail
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i've been messed with good by a lead with sub toxic fire blast/flamethrower. 4th move can be tect or coverage.

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